Ulm and Anmor's First Meeting

It was a long and very reflective walk to the Crooked House, the doors opened to a smoky and loud crowed for a mid day. And out of the corner of my eye all I could see is this Dwarf ranting and raving about some avenging the loss of his fellow comrades. He just kept at it going on about some dragon, some deity to give him strength. As he continued to drink some sort of Ale that would hardly touch his mouth but only land on his throat. This guy has some passions. “For I am Anmor Gorkbeard! I will avenge the deaths of my comrades, my friends, and so on and so forth, blah, blah, blah.

In my mind I just wish the guy would shut up already. His ranting made the blood in my ears start pounding. Under my breath I must have said it too loud but he stopped and our eyes met. Shit he must have heard me. “What was that my small friend” what was what, I said, what did you say, nothing, why? No my boy you said shut up didn’t you under that pretty little beard of yours didn’t ya. Well yes, yes I did. I came here to have my own battle with my own worries not to hear from some ranting dwarf about sewers and monsters that dispatched his party.

Mr. Gorkbeard grabbed his mug strongly as though furious with me, for I could see his knuckles grow white around the handle. (Diplomacy) Well good sir I am Ulm Schnider from right here in Tula. With all your talking and ranting it looks like you need help? Is that so? Well you are in luck, because our paths have met here today no matter how aggressive they came. Bartenders get this dwarf a drink!

As you can see I am a gnome and you a dwarf and we are sometimes confused as the same. But save what drives us. Obviously you are passionate about your friends and a noble cause albeit. But your method of gaining more allies just does not sound too appealing. No one will want to follow you down there, where ever there is, without some sort of bounty or some reason that would steer people to your side. I just think you are going the wrong way with avenge this or avenge that. Try to be more graceful under pressure and try to recruit that way. I am sure the rumors are already flying out of here about a ranting dwarf and some sewer rats.

We, yes, we need to build notoriety by our actions let us recruit some more level headed people, for we can’t go it alone.

So Anmor and Ulm recruited as best they could and the group sat down to hear Anmors plan.

Ulm and Anmor's First Meeting

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