Tula, City of Mages

General Background
Knowledge: Local DC10

The legendary City of Mages, splendorous city of spiraling towers, gleaming lanterns, and mystical waterfalls — here magical beasts roam freely alongside powerful wizards and steel-eyed soldiers. By night or day, the eight schools of magic loom over the city with their massive walls and towers, inspiring all who view them with awe. Apprentices from lands both near and far come to Tula to learn the magical arts.

The Wizards of Tula
Knowledge: Local DC15 or Knowledge: Arcana DC15

The wizards of Tula are the foremost specialists in magic, dividing themselves into various specialist schools. The Council of the Eight—composed of the heads of the various schools of magic—is housed in another mammoth structure along with a museum and a world-renowned library. Their decisions are often made after weeks of political maneuvering, all done in an amicable way. Tula is the only known location where characters can study to be specialist mages. It is also the home of the highest level mages in the Wilderlands (aside from the ice, air and water mages of Valon, and the Green Emperor himself).

Because so many of the occupants of the city are apprentices or visiting mages, every type of human and humanoid is represented in the population. Many lizardmen and other exotic races—including monstrous races and outsiders—live here as well. This is a strange city and the sight of such creatures does not cause concern. Sorcerers are often looked down upon and regarded as inferior to real practitioners of the magical arts.

A vast market of magical supplies exists in Tula. Most of this commerce consists of components, tools, alchemical supplies, tomes of knowledge, rare metals and such. Almost any magic item can be purchased here, if the buyer has the right connections.

The Politics of Tula
Knowledge: Local DC15 or Knowledge: Nobility DC15

Political power is based upon expertise in magic, not gender or race. The Council of the Eight runs the City State and their decisions are often made after weeks of political maneuvering, all done in an amicable way. Supporting the Council is a massive bureaucracy composed mainly of wizards.

A state of war has existed between Tula and Rallu to the north for the last century, but neither side is willing to pay the cost for utter victory. Combat in this ongoing conflict is limited to warships only and both sides protect independent shipping by traders of other lands. There are rumors that not all is going well on the Tulan side and Admiral Zolfren is underreporting losses.

Geography and Map

The city is not a wide sprawl like one might expect. It is built vertically, rather than horizontally. A huge monolithic structure of stone in the shape of an eight-pointed star rises up from inside the walls, dominating the horizon. This is the Monolith of the Chromatic Mages. Inside it and the eight colorful towers that rise from the points of the star is where the wizards have their great school. The rest of the city’s buildings are built one on top of another, flush up against the sides of the wizard’s monolith, creating a series of terraces in each section of the city. A huge canal runs from the west into an artificial harbor that joins the city on it’s western half. Mystical waterfalls run down from the top of the monolith into this harbor and various small ponds and fountains throughout the city.

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City Districts/Quarters
A: Hawker’s Square Market
B: Guildsmen’s Terrace
C: Temple Plaza
D: Garden District
E: Midnight Muddle
F: Old City
G: The Flats
H: Upper Flats
I: The Docks
J: Admiralty Harbor
K: Mages’ Monolith/High Terrace of the Chromatic Mages

Buildings/Points of Interest
1: Tradesmen’s Gate
2: Pilgrim’s Gate
3: The Founders’ Gate
4: Wayfarers’ Guild
5: War Cathedral of Athena
6: Grand Archives of the Gnosophim
7: Necropolis
8: Council Armory
9: The Arena
10: Red Tower/School of Evocation
11: Brown Tower/School of Transmutation
12: Green Tower/School of Conjuration
13: Silver Tower/School of Divination
14: Blue Tower/School of Enchantment
15: Black Tower/School of Necromancy
16: Orange Tower/School of Illusion
17: Gold Tower/School of Abjuration
18: Council Hall, Grand Library, and Mages’ Museum
19: Eligos’ Manor
20: The Crooked House

Tula, City of Mages

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