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  • On Shoggoths and the Worms of the Outer Darkness

    [[File:349601 | class=media-item-align-right | 100px | spawnk2.jpg]]From a distance, shoggoths appear to be ordinary zombies. Closer up, however, their undead flesh bubbles and writhes, animated by the hideous green worms beneath the surface. These worms …

  • Dracoliches

    Anmor (Knowledge Religion: 53 and Knowledge Arcana: 35) shared the following information : Liches are wizards who have become undead. Dracoliches are dragons that have done the same thing, but they are unique and you cannot necessarily ascertain its …

  • Monsters

    The following are entries for things the party knows about various recurring or important monsters: * [[Carrion Crawlers | Carrion Crawlers]] * [[Dracoliches | Dracoliches]] * [[On Shoggoths and the Worms of the Outer Darkness | Shoggoths]]

  • Carrion Crawlers

    Anmor (Knowledge Dungeoneering: 35) shared the following information: Carrion Crawlers are aberrations that typically live underground. When they are alive, their tentacles will cause paralysis. The [[The Giant Factions of Kongen-Thulnir | giants of …

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