Mind Flayer Sorcerer




The real brains behind the gang of doppelgangers was the illithid Zyrxog. Entering Zyrxog’s lair resulted in the deaths of three out of four party members. Anmor recruited his new allies, the Reprisal Squad, to go after Zyrxog. When confronted, Zyrxog only had time to say (telepathically): << You dare enter my sanctum! Fools. I shall finish what Telakin could not. Your weak minds will be a sumptuous feast, your terror a pleasing garnish! >> before he was defeated while trying to eat Granuel’s brain. The party soon learned, based on his ledger, that Zyrxog wasn’t their ultimate enemy at all. Apparently, the mind flayer and his doppelganger thralls had been hired to kill the party (and Filge) by Loris Raknian.

How many layers of BBEG’s does the plot against the party have? Oh, so many more…


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