The Wild Watchers

Mysterious Fey


The Wild Watchers of Tilagos Island are named Tylanthros, Beskawahn, Thadimar, and Sayren-Lei. The party encountered these creatures upon arriving in the Demi-Plane of Last Resort, where the Wild Watchers assigned them four trials: the Claiming of Krathanos’s Golden Belt, the Silence of the Doomshroud’s Mournful Song, the Death of the Thorn Vale Nightmare, and the Harvest of the Living Feather of the Roc King. The Watcher’s indicated the party must complete these trials in order to access the Library of Last Resort. They refused to explain any details.

Not only that, but the party must complete the Tilagos Trials before Kendra does! How is that at all fair?

After the PCs completed the Tilagos Trials, one of the Watchers, Sayren-Lei, became outraged and challenged them to a trial by combat. When the PCs won, he apologized and gave them a present. Then, by drinking from the Watcher’s fountain, the party went back in time where they met the Wild Watchers again in their earlier, more human druidic forms and learned that they were the leaders of the Order of the Storm, the group who hid Drazzaroth’s phylactery in the first place.

The Wild Watchers

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