Neutral Half-Orc Barbarian


Former NPC, now played by Andy


Kullen is a towering albino half-orc with an obvious tattoo on his forehead. He formerly led a small gang of criminals indentured to Balabar Smenk, and cast a broad shadow over the Feral Dog’s squalid taproom. Kullen and his gang were responsible for excavating the graves of Alastor Land‘s family and turning the bones over to the necromancer, Filge, for some nefarious purpose. In an unusually nonviolent manner, the party managed to get Kullen to tell them the whereabouts of the bones (and learned all about the exciting half-orc game of “Drinksmash” in the process). The chain of events that followed caused Balabar Smenk’s demise and Kullen found himself unemployed. Looking for a new source of drinking money, Kullen travelled to Tula, where he found out about a gladiator tournament called “The Champions Games.” Loitering about to see if he could get in on the action, Kullen encountered a gladiator team led by someone named “Bralt Clayfist” who looked awfully similar to a dwarf he’d played Drinksmash with in the past. And so he became a member of the Reprisal Squad.

We actually retconned Kullen onto the gladiator team halfway through the games, in order to get Andy a permanent seat at the table. Andy earned a dork card because he wrote a detailed and amusing story about what happened to Kullen between Smenk’s death and his arrival in Tula. Unfortunately, I deleted the email without copying the story for the web site, but it explained why Kullen has a pet rat and carries around a well-gnawed holy symbol of Morg.


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