Amazon Cleric


Kendra is a priestess of Innana with whom the party did battle while they were eliminating the Triad of Sixes beneath Rastingdrung. A stunningly beautiful Amazon with dark red hair, she wears a form-fitting breastplate designed to accentuate her figure. Her face bears several scars that mar her otherwise appealing features. Kendra turned invisible and escaped from her initial encounter with the party, using a crude passage in her bedchamber that was hidden even from her “boss,” Theldrick. Finding that Theldrick wasn’t as tough as he might appear, the party has begun to suspect that Kendra, not Theldrick, was the real power behind the Innana branch of the Triad. Although she shared a bedchamber with the brute Garras, the party soon discovered evidence that Kendra also shared the bed of the Faceless One on occassion. The party is fairly certain that, after her escape, Kendra was responsible for the murder of their sponsor in the mission, Balabar Smenk.

Now that’s the kind of recurring villian I can get into!

Kendra would soon turn up again, at the side of Loris Raknian in the VIP box watching the Champions Games in Tula. The party suspects she was the one pulling Raknian’s strings, explaining why he tried to have them assassinated. It’s possible she was also involved with the plot to summon of the Apostle of Yog during the Games. She disappeared during the final fight of the Games, sometime after the ulgurstasta appeared.

Kendra’s whereabouts are presently unknown, but if the vision (Vision 6) the party saw at Kuluth-Mar can be believed, she’s recently severed one of her hands and replaced it with one of the two notorious Hands of Angall. This seems like a bad thing…


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