Chresin Mhyorik

Neutral Good Human Duskblade w/Outrageous French Accent


Played by Ed

Click here to download Chresin’s TOS File (Level 18)


Chresin is one of three sons of a moderately well-off family in Tula, the City of Mages. Most likely, he would have been an obvious candidate for the city’s Academy of Wizardy were it not for a prank gone wrong that nearly led to the death of his brothers. This mishap got him sent off to military school, far away where he would be less of an embarrassment to the family. Specifically, he was sent to Tarth Moorda in the far-off Roglaras, near the City State of the Invincible Overlord. There, he trained amongst the duskblades and warmages in forms of magic more martial than those taught in Tula’s Academy. Upon leaving School, Chresin spent several years working as a mercenary. But Tula and his family were always on his mind. Upon returning home and reconnecting with his family, he heard the rumors that Tula’s war with Rallu was not going well and, therefore, was reluctant to hire on with the Tulan military. So, he found himself looking for work just at the time Anmor began to recruit his Reprisal Squad.

Two dork cards for Ed, for using a random name and for the detailed background writeup on Chresin.

Chresin Mhyorik

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