Anmor Gorkbeard

Lawful Good Mountain Dwarf Archivist


Played by Eric


Anmor’s father and brothers came to Rastingdrung for employment in the town’s mines. Although Anmor spent his formative years in Rastingdrung, he has been away for some time, studying the secret knowledge of Bachontoi the Omniscient, God of Sages. Due to some family misfortunes, Anmor recently returned to Rastingdrung. After making friends with the wizard Master Penkawr, Anmor was granted access to the Aedificium of Archives at the Ziggurat of the Monestary of Many Steps, and, thus, able to continue his studies to some extent. But study of dusty tomes will do little to assuage his family’s woes, so he’s eagerly seeking opportunities for treasure that might help them out of their current predicament.

Eric got a dork card for allowing me to randomly generate his name. We talked about his background at length, but he never got around to writing it out. Because his family may have a part to play as events unfold, I took it upon myself to write up this family history for him (Anmor hasn’t shared all these details with the party and Eric hasn’t really approved my writeup, so the link there should be considered a sort of out-of-character spoiler-type thing).

Anmor Gorkbeard

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