Wilderlands Age of Worms

Session 33: Kings of the Rift

Giant-Sized Politics

This is a placeholder for anyone who wants to drop in some notes… hint, hint.

Matt was not present (probably much to his relief, considering how much talking went on), so Ulm was played by Andy.

Waterday, 17th of Sunstrong, 4433

Anmor’s Bullet Points of Note:

  • Anmor has Ioun Stone – Orange Prism +1 Caster Level; found at bottom of canyon on blue dragon we killed last session.
  • begin this session on bridge to large castle, location “K”
  • Knowledge: Religion check gives Anmor all there is the know about Lichs
  • Knowledge: Arcana check gives general Dracolich info, they are each unique and rare, so unable to know much
  • Trying to decide as a party if we should do a few things before moving forward:
  • Nadroc’s Tribute Greater Legacy? (not enough money)
  • Breath Drinker Great Axe to be completed (like 40 days or something)
  • Look for Fang Dragon lair (nobody has spell to do so)
  • Talk to fire giants at “R”, they tell us to leave and our attempts at diplomacy will not help
  • we leave and say we will come back tomorrow
  • Go back to Bragge and Hill Giants
  • Rest that evening and Ulm sneaks about
  • Ulm finds King and gives him circlet so he doesn’t just sit there drooling like an idiot
  • It works and King is Lucid
  • Hill giant king tries to rally his troops, but there are not many
  • King sends us to gate to get his subjects which we agree to do in the morning. He gives us his signet ring so they believe us when we speak for the king.
  • We sleep away the night and awake to loud noise in the morning
  • Tower “J” has collapsed and bodies of Giants fall into the rift as dragons circle above
  • Anmor does his standard morning routine (Heroes’ Feast for the party and False life on himself)
  • We go back to “R” to talk to Fire Giants
  • 3 Green and 2 Blue dragons show up
  • Roll Init, Anmor goes last
  • at some point Anmor goes ethereal so he is not in the firing line of all the dragons; Fire giants help kill dragons a little but not much; fire giants surviving but barely
  • dragons are defeated and someone heals the fire giants (not Anmor)
  • Talk to fire giant leader (King?)
  • Tells us a key has been stolen from them
  • If we find Key and return to them then we will get on their good side
  • We head back to Hill giants and help their king get his buddies/subjects from the gate area
  • We manage to scry on the collapsed tower “J” area and see the undead Ominous Fabler talking to big badass red dragon telling him they will search the ruins for the “McGuffin” and if they don’t find it here they will move to next castle/tower. Big Badass red dragon flies away.
  • remaining near the ruins and searching it are 4 black dragons and the Undead Ominous Fabler who is directing their search efforts.
  • we decide the Ominous Fabler who is undead now, must die as he is definitely not a friend. Having been unable to clearly determine who to help or kill as far as the Giants are concerned, we are happy to have a clear enemy.
  • we buff and dimension door in (I think) next to the Fabler with silence in place. This prevents the Fabler from escaping using whatever he uses to flit away.
  • in two rounds we kill him, and pop away with his body so we don’t need to fight the black dragons
  • we loot his body and get stuff
  • We are not sure if the Fabler had the group of dragons looking for the phylactery (likely) or the stolen key, but we determined that the collapsed tower has nothing of interest and the longer they spend looking there the more time we have to look elsewhere

I think we did one more semi-important thing or encounter after this but I did not write anything.


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