Visions at Kuluth-Mar

Vision 1

King Angallangallhuman.jpg
The ruins of Kuluth-Mar seem to be suffused with a strange taint that hovers just beyond the edges of reality. Like an oily stain spreading over a pool, a vision wavers in the air. Within the tainted energy is a man seated on a great throne made of green stone. He wears ornate plate armor, and a black circlet rests on his brow. Both the circlet and armor are adorned with silver symbols.

The vision expands, widening its scope to reveal that the throne is located at the apex of the large ziggurat and in the shadow of the spire. The spire itself gleams with flashes of white light, and at its peak is balanced a fifteen-foot-tall black stone monolith shaped like a trapezoid. Around the ziggurat spreads a thriving city, its streets paved in white stone, its buildings painted and whole.

Thousands of figures have gathered in the large open plaza that surrounds the ziggurat, all facing the figure seated at its center. Their cries are a rhythmic chant, surging like waves on the monolith’s shore. As these cries rise in volume, threatening to shake the jungle apart, the vision fades and is replaced by the ruined city of today.

Anmor recognizes that the man in the vision wears a holy symbol that is an archaic symbol of Hecate. It’s also upside down and obscured with the Elder Sign sigil that they’ve all come to learn is associated with Yog-Sothoth. Several party members can make out the chants of the crowd in the vision: over and over, they shout “Yog… Sothoth.”

Vision 2

The Sunderingkuluthmarpainting.jpg
The strange dark stain in the air wavers and then grows solid. The peak of the Spire of Long Shadows is restored, and affixed to this peak is a fifteen-foot-tall, three-foot thick trapezoid-shaped pinnacle of black rock, ten feet wide at the base and five at the peak. The monolith of stone shimmers and vibrates with waves of energy, and something strange and horrible writhes inside its nearly opaque interior.

dragonflight01.jpgSuddenly, a brilliant red wall of scales fills the view, and there’s a terrible sound of crumbling stone. In an instant, an enormous red dragon is winging away to the north. The spire’s peak is in ruins, and clutched in the dragon’s talons is the monolith. The vision fades, and the dragon and its prize are gone.

Unfortunately, no one notices anything else interesting about the dragon or the monolith it stole…

Vision 3

The Giftmakar.jpg
The ruins of the room waver and fade, replaced by a well-equipped torture chamber. Wailing victims strapped to horrific devices hang in the background from chains. In the foreground stand two figures.

One is a handsome man dressed in flowing robes. Facing him is a strange, six-armed creature that looks as much insect as it does humanoid. The insect creature’s eyes are hollow sockets containing a pinpoint of light deep within. Its flesh is rotting and festering, and the green robes it wears are old and moth-eaten. The creature wields a long green crystal rod in one hand, a cruel hooked rod in another.

In two other hands it holds a jeweled gold box that it presents to the man, who takes it and sets it upon a table. He opens it and, using a pair of iron tongs, withdraws a writhing green worm. The man’s expression changes to one of exaltation as he looks upon the worm… and then the vision fades.

Everyone recognizes that the man in the vision is the same man from Vision 1. Anmor (and probably Granuel, too) immediately point out that the worm is a worm of the Outer Darkness, a creature of Yog. Anmor also notes that the six-armed creature matches the description of a “shadow servant,” creature enslaved and brought to the Wilderlands by the ancient Markrabs. He further recognizes that it is undead.

Vision 4

Angall the Studentshadowservant.jpg
The chamber wavers and shimmers, and suddenly a human man appears at one of the desks nearby. A strange gray-skinned humanoid creature with six arms stands at his shoulder. The man studies a collection of worn and pitted bronze disks arrayed on the desk before him. Faint etchings adorn the plates, and it seems as if the alien figures and symbols writhe together at the behest of some sinister will. The gray creature points to one of the plates, and a look of sudden comprehension blooms on the man’s face. The man, the creature, and the plates then fade away, and are gone.

Again, everyone recognizes that the man in the vision is the same man from Vision 1 and Vision 3, albeit a bit younger. The six-armed creature might be the same as the one in Vision 3, but it is still living, not undead.

Vision 5

The immediate surroundings waver and fade, replaced by a bird’s-eye view of the city of Kuluth-Mar at its height. {Repeat Vision 1}

Suddenly, a foul energy wells from the spire at the center of the city, sweeping outward and felling the living as it passes. For each creature that falls, you feel a silent but potent sense of wrongness, as some indescribable part of the creature, perhaps its soul, is drawn back toward the Spire of Long Shadows to be absorbed by the strange black monolith of stone balanced at its peak.

As the energy builds around the peak, a shimmering image of a colossal semi-humanoid figure, its body composed of a million writhing worms, takes form around the Spire of Long Shadows, its arms raised in triumph. The man on the throne beneath the spire likewise raises his arms in triumph.

angall.jpgYet in another moment, a golden humanoid figure streaks into view, attacking the man on the throne. As the two figures do battle, a disruption occurs in the stream of foul energy pouring from the crowd below. Instead of flowing toward the monolith, it now flows toward the two small men fighting each other. You see the golden figure sever first one, then another of the other man’s hands. Yet, this does not seem to slow down the man. As you watch, he sprouts new arms, along with wings, and transforms into a gargoyle-like figure.

In the sky above, the image of the worm-ridden semi-humanoid also shifts. Its triumphant pose seems to change to one of rage, and a soul-wrenching cry of fury tears from the undulant face. The image shrinks, pulled into the stone monolith at the Spire’s peak, imploding with a horrific wet burst.

In an instant, the city is quiet again, yet as the vision fades, the first signs of unlife spread through the thousands of dead bodies strewn around the ziggurat’s base as bodies, now festering with green worms rise from death.

Anmor is able to explain this vision further. The wash of energy that was drawn out of the crowd was not only the souls of Angall’s minions, but their faith in their king. The Spire drew upon their lives and faith in a way that reverses the channeling of divine power from a deity to his cleric, in effect channeling this faith into a singularity—the monolith at the peak of the Spire.

The enormous figure that appeared was Yog-Sothoth, apparently summoned from beyond the Void by that tremendous devotional energy. The appearance of the golden figure, which you guess might have been Zanaaphic “All-King of the Spirit Universe,” seems to have interfered somehow with the summoning. It seems like Yog-Sothoth became trapped in the monolith.

Vision 6

The Age of Worms
The room melts away into darkness as the air fills with strange and frightening whispers. It sounds as if a hundred different voices speak in a hundred different languages, but an instant later, the voices have joined into one and the language resolves into familiar words. These words speak of the prophecies of the Age of Worms, and as they speak, visions of the prophecies coming true manifest before you, allowing you to observe the events as if you were a god looking down upon a troubled world. The visions are violent and horrific.

- In the sky above, Heaven’s Bridge glows a sickly green color.

- Legions of worm-eaten dead rise from soggy graves.

- An old, withered tree suddenly grows immense and demonic looking, exploding into destructive life from the heart of an unfamiliar city.

- A burning comet lances down from the heavens to strike the earth in a tremendous, mushroom-shaped cloud of devastation.

- Cackling, a familiar red-haired Amazon woman attaches a clawed and withered hand to the bleeding stump of her arm, and the hand writhes into unholy life.

- A city built in the heart of a volcano suffers tragedy during a partial eruption that sees the collapse of its southeastern quadrant.

As each of these scenes flash by, they are accompanied by a crushing sense of certainty—these events have already come to pass. Yet finally, the whispering voices speak of two more prophecies, and these are accompanied by blackness:

- “A tripartite spirit once again becomes one, and at its advice are the mighty undone,” the voices whisper.

- And then, “On the eve of the Age of Worms, a hero of the pit shall use his fame to gift a city to the dead.”

After this, there is only silence. It would seem that two prophecies have yet to be realized.

Various party members (not just Anmor) are able to recognize the following things about the elements of this vision:

  • The worm-eaten dead rising from graves are Shoggoths.
  • The ancient, withered tree is located in the City of Tarsh, located far to the north.
  • The demonic form the great tree assumes is the physical manifestation of a demon lord named Malgarius.
  • The “comet” that struck the earth was in fact an anciant temple called the Fane of Scales that was rumored to have fallen from the skies over the Elphand Lands two years ago.
  • The familiar amazon is, quite obviously, Kendra.
  • The hand that Kendra attaches to her bleeding wrist is one of the two notorious Hands of Angall, severed from his human form before his ascension to godhood.

Visions at Kuluth-Mar

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