The Palace of Ut Prandur

Ut Prandur Village

Unlike the swamps that border most of the Stringtrellian River, gentle hills and full green trees cradle a riverside village here. Wide streets, plentiful greenery, and pleasant wooden buildings speak of peace and ease, yet the community buzzes with activity. Clearly the village prospers. Northwest of the village in the dark waters of the river, rises a rocky island with a pale blue castle surrounding a tower capped with a vast faceted dome that glitters like a blue jewel. A twenty-foot-wide stone causeway runs from the village shore all the way out to this castle.

The Palace

A conclave of mages rules the old palace overlooking the village. They maintain close ties with Tula’s School of Wizardry and with the archivists of Bachontoi at the Citadel of Tomes downriver. They are led by the Archmage Manzorian Soizor the Blue, once the chairman of Tula’s Council of Eight, but now retired. Approaching the Palace itself without invitation is ill-advised, as the place is protected by powerful magical wards. Hundreds of trained bloodhawks flock to defend the place from flying intruders and all teleport spells cast within 1,200 feet of the fortress are immediately redirected to a dimensionally locked prison cell deep below the fortress. Various magical constructs and asphyxiating gas traps guard the castle’s interior passages, as well. It is rumored that the dungeon levels underground house a nympharium, a well filled with pure mercury, a garden and other wonders, such as the Fountain of Fortune’s Folly.

The Palace of Ut Prandur

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