Lighthedge Canyon

The party began its adventures in Lighthedge Canyon in Session 31. A couple of important places in the Canyon include:

  • Kongen-Thulnir
  • Drazzaroth’s Lair (the party heard it was in the Canyon somewhere, but hasn’t been there yet)

Knowledge about Lighthedge Canyon itself, courtesy of Anmor, is as follows:

Lighthedge Canyon

Formed by the River Quicksake as it cuts between the Arrisfforn Hills to the north and the Lighthedge Ridge to the south, this deep rift in the Ghinor Highlands is full of treacherous natural obstacles. Along the northern edge, the filthy human and hobgoblin raiders of the Arrisfforns have for many years used the rugged cliffs as a sanctuary from the dwarves of Silverhall and Dragonsaddle. The Lighthedge Ridge on the south side of the Canyon is a nesting area for wyverns. The southern cliffs also are home to reclusive tribes of stone, hill, and fire giants, who hunt both the wyverns and, perhaps, even larger game.

Neither the raiders nor the giants have fully explored the deepest parts of the rift. The deep fissures that riddle these depths create entrances to extensive caverns under the Highlands. Though some of these caverns contain polished bits of mountain crystal, they are also said to be home to savage cavemen, wraiths, and even more strange and terrible things, both living and undead.

Nevertheless, the Falls of Song at the west end of the Canyon make a beautiful melody as they crash onto the rocks below. Bards often come to the falls to sit and listen to the flow of the river, and so do harpies whose enchanting song has led many into an early grave. The Quicksake itself runs swift and deep through the Canyon. Even after it exits the Canyon in the east, the river is treacherous, filled with falls, and rafting it without a guide is suicidal. As flows past the town of Bridshin, however, the Quicksake widens and becomes the main merchant route in the region.

Lighthedge Canyon

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