The City of Lenap and the Surrounding Region
Knowledge: Geography DC 25

The city of Lenap, population approximately 3,000, is located on the Ament Horn, a strange carved outcropping of rock, 10 miles wide, that extends some 20 miles outward to the Sea of Five Winds. miles of hills and jungles stretch west of the town itself. Though considered a backwater colonial town by the empire that founded it, Lenap is now the largest and most prosperous town and port in the region, its market the destination for much of the goods and raw material of this part of the continent. As such, in spite of recent hard times, the city still holds political sway within this region.

The giant dunes of the desert to the north keep this area fairly isolated. The many jungles and hills make overland travel limited to well-guarded caravans. The Churning Sea is unpredictable and the volcanic Isles of Flame often make the sea steam from undersea lava flows. The many jungles are filled with a rich variety of plants. A thriving trade has grown around the exporting of spices, herbs, seeds, saps, oils and insects. In the sandy northern deserts are many settlements and tribes of the hardy Dorins, while to the south the Ghinorans become more numerous, sharing the territory with some hardy Tharbrians, Alryans and, on the coast, Antillians and other adventurous humans. The coastal regions are divided between rugged hills and lowland jungles in the north and temperate forest in the south. The area is often ravaged by severe weather in the spring and fall, and hurricanes are not uncommon.

History of Lenap
Knowledge: History DC 25

Lenap is one of the original Ghinoran Successor States from the ancient Empire of Kelnore. Devastated by disease and pestilence following the fall of the empire and the many wars that followed, the hardy people of Ghinoran stock have in recent centuries come to reclaim this city and its ruins to repopulate it and begin to build it again.

The current ruler, Khouligan, seized control of the city two decades ago, banishing the prior ruler and stealing his daughter. Khouligan, known as the Grief Giver to the people, has ruled as Satrap of the city ever since. Over time, he has instituted a harsh, but firm, rule of law, putting an end to the religious strife and other internal feuds that previous plagued the city. The dungeon beneath his palace is filled with those who have defied his power.


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