How to Prevent the Age of Worms

lashonnatall.jpgThe following is what the undead silver dragon, Professora Lashonna Laggan. suggested the party should do to prevent the Age of Worms (in her opinion, anyway). To better understand what she’s talking about, read Balakarde’s Journal Fragments first.


For convenience, here’s the synopsis of what Lashonna said:

  • Drazzaroth intends to release Yog-Sothoth and start the Age of Worms.
  • Drazzaroth is a lich, so if you want to defeat him, you should destroy his phylactery first.
  • Thanks to the Order of the Storm, no one, not even Drazzaroth, knows where his phylactery is.
  • The Order of the Storm had a hidden library located on Tilagos Island in the Sea of Five Winds.
  • This hidden library might contain an account of the hiding place of Drazzaroth’s phylactery.

Lashonna pointed out three problems, though:

  1. Tilagos Island is guarded by eternal storms, wrecking all ships that approach.
  2. The library itself is actually no longer on the material plane, although lore suggests the Island has a way to reach it.
  3. A former employee of Lashonna’s has revealed all this information to the Triad of Sixes; even now, he could be guiding their agents to Tilagos Island and the Library of Last Resort.

Full Text

In game, Lashonna was interrupted frequently by argument from Anmor. Rather than recreate the whole dialog, here is the full story from Lashonna’s side. Or what she would have said if not interrupted every third sentence:

dragonflight01.jpg“It seems obvious that Drazzaroth intends to release Yog-Sothoth from his prison, and in so doing, usher in the Age of Worms. The solution seems obvious. A king without his commander is powerless. It’s taken Drazzaroth more than 5,000 years to reach this point. Remove him now, and it will certainly be centuries before anything has a chance to release the Wormgod again.”

“Of course, one cannot simply waltz into a lich’s lair, kill him, and be done with it. Drazzaroth may not know where his phylactery is, but that doesn’t mean it’s useless to him. Destroying him before you destroy his phylactery is as good as finding it and handing it over to him.”

“So your first order of business should be to find his phylactery and destroy it. And that’s where it gets complicated. I have no idea where it may be hidden. Obviously, neither does Drazzaroth, and that’s a good thing. Certainly, his doubt to its location is the main reason he hasn’t tried to simply destroy himself as a desperate way to discover its location."

balakardesquare.jpgBalakarde left for Lighthedge Canyon, against my advice, intending to learn more about Drazzaroth. He never returned, but at least he had the foresight to leave his journal fragments with me. His journal and his disappearance have become something of a minor obsession of mine, I must confess. I’ve spent the last sixteen years, on and off, studying the lore of Yog-Sothoth and associated matters. And while I haven’t managed to determine where Drazzaroth’s phylactery is hidden, I do believe I know where that information might be found."

“As Balakarde mentions in his journal, the Age of Worms and Yog-Sothoth’s emergence on the prime were stopped centuries ago by the Order of the Storm. Historians believe that the Order died out not long after this victory, hunted down and destroyed by the last surviving members of the cult of Yog. These records are incorrect. The Order instead retreated to their stronghold on a remote island in the Sea of Five Winds called Tilagos."

“On this island there is a library of sorts, a repository of the Order’s lore. It has been sought for centuries by wizards, scholars, and explorers, for it is said to be filled with hundreds of years of history, memories, dreams, and of course secrets. Secrets are so valuable aren’t they, my darlings? Seems the longer they are kept, the more they’re worth. If a written account of the secret of what happened to Drazzaroth’s phylactery exists, it must certainly be there."

“Of course, there are complications—there always are, right? Before they built this library, the Order of the Storm drove a lasting bargain with primal elemental forces. They sacrificed their lives to whisk the island’s interior off the Material Plane. In its place is a barren rock surrounded by an ever-raging storm of such intensity that ships that approach within ten miles are invariably lost. The island itself appears on no maps, but the stories hint that the druids left a way for those in need to reach their secrets while at the same time warding the place away from the prying eyes of Yog’s undead fanatics.”

triad.jpg“Worse, I’m afraid others have learned this as well, in part as an unfortunate result of my own research. I have a fair amount of competition in the arena of gathering and keeping secrets, and invariably word gets out that I’ve made a discovery. My enemies are always quick to nip at my heals. I speak, in particular, of a simpering dog of a man named Heskin who once served me. I’m afraid Heskin has been wooed from my side with promises of wealth and power, and has taken word of this discovery to our common foe, the Triad of Sixes!"

How to Prevent the Age of Worms

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