Chresin Mhyorik Background

Chresin Mhyorik grew up with just about anything a boy could ever want. His family consisted of his mother and father as well as two brothers, Fanonal and Muliet. Though they were not rich by any standard, Chresin’s family had enough money for them all to live comfortably. Their home was in an upper level of one of the finest towers overlooking the city. And for years everything was perfect.

Chresin and his brothers, like all siblings, laughed, played and fought with each. They loved each other deeply, though you would never hear them say it aloud. Chresin was a prankster and he loved to play tricks on his brothers. Despite many stern warnings from his parents, Chresin just couldn’t help himself…and his brothers were so easy to fool. Sadly, one day a prank went terribly wrong and both of his brothers fell from their apartment window and were severely injured. This was the final straw for his parents, who decided it would be best if Chresin went away to study for a while.

So Chresin was sent to a Military boarding school. But not just any school. This school embraced the use of arcane magic while engaging in standard hand to hand combat. It was here that Chresin spent the next 12 years of his life, learning the ways of the duskblade.

Upon leaving School, Chresin spent several years working as a mercenary. But Tula and his family were always on his mind. So recently he has returned to his home…reconnected with his family…and now…he is looking for work.

Chresin Mhyorik Background

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