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Centuries ago, Angall was an evil and very powerful wizard of considerable lust and greed. In his constant quest for power unlimited, he invoked the dark spirits of an alternate universe to do his bidding. As wealth, power, servants, and slaves accumulated, Angall became ever more perverse and some suspected that he was falling prey to the very spirits that he commanded. After several decades, when Angall’s powers seemed to reach a new zenith, Zanaaphic the All-King of the Spirit Universe led an army to confront Angall. A battle took place that opened fissures and rifts in the countryside surrounding Angall’s stronghold. Zanaaphic was defeated at the end of the six-day battle. In winning the struggle, however, Angall lost his humanity and underwent a change, which has endured until this day. He is now depicted as an 11-foot tall humanoid with bat-like wings and four huge arms. His altered body is covered with thick dragon-like scales and scar tissue. Although many clerics believe him a false god or demigod, evil cultists, wizards, and humanoids (particularly goblins) worship Angall as a Chaotic Evil god representing the chaos, power, and secret knowledge contained in the empty Void (astral plane) that surrounds the Prime. His domains are Chaos, Evil, Knowledge, Magic, and Strength.

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In life, Angall was a wizard and advisor to one of the last kings of ancient Kelnore and a follower of Hecate, Goddess of Magic. In his lust and greed for even greater mystic power, Angall turned to necromancy and the study of the forbidden lore of alien Elder Gods. As the Kelnoran Empire fell, Angall fled into the deep south, taking with him a small group of fiercely loyal followers. There, they established a hidden city and Angall immersed himself further in the black arts, ultimately discovering some great dark ritual of those horrific Elder Gods whose secrets are, thankfully, lost to time. Some scholars suggest Angall was aided in his discoveries by Demon Princes from even farther south or by the last remnants of the evil Markrabs and their Shadow servants. Whatever the case, Angall began preparation for some atrocious rite that he believed would bring him ultimate power, but doom all the Wilderlands to some unspecified, horrible fate.

The Goddess Hecate, angered that Angall had turned from her worship to that of older, even more evil deities, passed word of Angall’s plans to the forces of good. As Angall’s preparations grew toward completion, an army of elves and eladrin, led by Zanaaphic the All-King of the Spirit Universe marched on Angall’s hidden city. As Angall’s followers attempted to complete the ritual, Zanaaphic assaulted the mad wizard himself. In the ensuing battle Zanaaphic tore Angall’s arms from his body in an effort to prevent spellcasting. Angall’s followers, however, diverted the energy of their dark ritual from its intended, unknown purpose into their embattled leader, gruesomely sacrificing their own lives to empower Angall. The wizard’s form was changed and he sprouted four new arms and terrible wings. Angall used his newfound martial prowess to fell Zanaaphic, but at the end of the battle there was no remaining sign of Angall and his followers lay dead.

Although presumably Zanaaphic’s intervention prevented Angall’s ritual from spreading evil across the Wilderlands, the Cult of Angall today insists that the wizard achieved his ultimate goal, ascending to godhood and living on in the Perpetual Void beyond the Prime. Followers of Angall seek to emulate his example, seeking out forbidden knowledge to empower themselves, without regard to the cost to civilization.

The sage Eligos has theorized that the rituals that led to Angall’s ascension involved the power of an obscure deity known as Yog-Sothoth, God of the Outer Darkness. The Archmage Manzorian has provided even more information about Angall’s ascension, including that it took place at Kuluth-Mar.


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