Ancient Orichalan Dragon Lord




Zosiel was one of the Wind Dukes, a particularly important group among the Dragon Lords of Ancient Oricha. According to the Chronicle of Chan, the Wind Dukes were responsible for halting and turning back an invasion (masterminded by Demogorgon) of the Ghinor Highlands by forces from the Demon Empires to the south. Zosiel was a minor Wind Duke, but made an important contribution to the Orichalan victory at the Battle of Night’s Dawning, sacrificing himself to save the Wind Duke leader, Icosiol. He was entombed with honor near the site of that battle. His tomb is now known to the locals as the Whispering Cairn, which the party explored in their first adventure, discovering Zosiel’s final resting place. For a while, Taros wore Zosiel’s Circlet, an artifact (and Weapon of Legacy) recovered from the Whispering Cairn.

After Taros’ death, the cirlcet wasn’t very useful to any party member, so they pretty much forgot about it (and him).


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