Unnan Crey

Lawful Good Human Monk/Drunken Master


deceased.jpg Played by Buddy


Unnan was born the son of a tavernkeeper in the small town of Valeyard on Mangania Isle just off the coast from the city of Lenap. While witnessing the slaughter of his family and many of his fellow townsfolk by rampaging fish-men, Unnan observed the fighting prowess of an alcoholic stranger named Henak. Although Henak staggered off into the night while Unnan was still hiding, the young soon-to-be monk determined that he would learn to fight like that. His search first led him to the School of Four Edges in the town of Thrush (neighboring Rastingdrung). Unnan achieved some impressive successes early in his training, which unfortunately inspired jealouses among his fellow novice monks. This, along with the inefficient training techniques of the School’s master, forced Unnan to move on in search of another monestary. His first stop was the Way of Many Steps in Rastingdrung, but, lacking pure Ghinoran blood, he was rejected out of hand. Now he’s at loose ends in the miserable town (where the alcohol seems overpriced, by the way). Maybe practical experience will serve him better than formal education. Unnan met his end at the hands of a group of fish-men in the lair of Zyrxog the Mind Flayer.

Buddy chose his own name, but still earned a dork card for coming up with this detailed background for Unnan. I don’t think he’s shared all that with the rest of the party, so it might be sort of spoilerish.

Unnan Crey

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