Ulm Schnider

Chaotic Neutral City Gnome Beguiler


Played by Matt


A somewhat mysterious figure, little is known of Ulm’s past. Probably, he likes it that way. We do know that he’s from Tula, the City of Mages. We also know that he first encountered Anmor while the latter was bemoaning the loss of his original companions at the hands of a group of fish-men. After a near misunderstanding, Ulm volunteered his help and joined the new party (the Reprisal Squad). After helping to achieve Anmor’s revenge on Zyrxog the Mind Flayer, it seems Ulm will be a trusted party member for the near future.

Matt got a dork card, not for a background, but for his nice story about Ulm and Anmor’s first meeting.

Ulm Schnider

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