Tilodiel Namdraki

Mixed-blood Elf Monk/Sorcerer


Tilodiel Namdraki, daughter of Failine Namdraki, is an elf of mixed heritage. Her blonde hair and tan complexion hint that she is a wood elf, but her features and height (she is nearly 6 feet tall) suggest high elven blood.

Actually, Tilodiel is part wood elf and part Alvar (northern or blue elf) but neither she nor the party know that.

She is a follower of Aladante (the elven version of the goddess Aphrodite). Tilodiel is from the Beldenwood between Pranstongue and Bramly, but was captured by Grallak Kur and his grimlocks while in the depths beneath Nurenthane investigating the fate of her mother, who disappeared when she was just a girl. Grallak was, it turns out, responsible for the death of her mother and wore Failine’s eyes sewn into his empty sockets. After capturing Tilodiel, Grallak used his prisoner to transcribe his prophesies and rants in her own blood.

When the party found Tilodiel, Grallak had her bound in a strange manner, with the body of a finely-made shortbow serving as a yoke and the bowstring itself wrapped and wound about her arms and hands. This bow (which she gave to the party as a reward) was originally her mother’s and is a weapon of legacy called the Stalker’s Bow. Tilodiel has many scars on her arms and hands, souveniers from her time under the whip of Grallak Kur. After the party rescued Tilodiel from the grimlocks, Anmor escorted her to the surface and Rastingdrung. Tilodiel’s final comment before departing was that her opinion of dwarves had been greatly improved by Anmor’s kindness.

The party would encounter Tilodiel again at the pre-Champions Games banquet. She led a gladiator team of Aladante-worshippers to a less than impressive performance in the Games.

Tilodiel Namdraki

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