Ghinoran Cleric




Theldrick was the high priest of the temple of Innana and commander of the Triad of Sixes’ military forces in the Dark Cathedral. He was a canny tactician and an eager fighter. One of his eyes was missing, and his face bore scars and burns from past battles. His black armor had a crude holy symbol of Innana scribed on its chest plate in dried blood. The party faced Theldrick, his fellow priests, and a small army of cultists and undead in the deadly Battle Temple of Innana. The fight there was nearly fatal to the party and Theldrick escaped. Soon after, however, the party caught Theldrick and one of his surviving underlings trying to sneak out of their hiding place under cover of darkness. They finished him off in that second meeting.

But was Theldrick really the one in charge of the Innana branch of the Triad cell? In spite of his statements that he was the high priest, the party has realized by now he wasn’t really the one pulling the strings.


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