The Ominous Fabler

Spriggan Rogue/Bard


Official palace “fool” to Satrap Khouligan the Grief-Giver, the Ominous Fabler looks like a sinister little man who stands only two-and-a-half feet high. He constantly clutches a mummified raven to his chest and always looks nervous. He’s dressed in crimson leather armor and wore a strange, three pointed but floppy hat wrapped in black and white ribbons and studded with gems. During the Satrap’s banquet, the Ominous Fabler followed his lord everywhere, using his considerable talents at insults and sarcasm to mock and belittle the guests. Khouligan appeared shocked at these comments and frequently took swipes at the fool with anything handy. The party, however, got the idea that the twisted little man was saying exactly what Khouligan wanted him to say.

Seemingly innocuous comic relief? Perhaps the PCs will meet the Fabler again under different circumstances…

The Ominous Fabler

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