The Lonesome Bride

Dryad Druid


A reclusive dryad “princess,” the Lonesome Bride occupies a beautiful ruin in Tula’s Garden District known as Traveling Oak, a once resplendent manor now overgrown with riotously colorful weeds and plants. Much to the dismay of her wealthy neighbors, she operates a business selling natural items of all types out of the crumbling estate. Though friendly, the Bride maintains a distant demeanor, as if she is constantly beset by a deep depression that cannot be fully masked by smiles and kindness. No one really understands why she needs the coin she charges for her artifice and magic services, but local rumors suggest that she is a diplomatic agent for the sylvan interests of some great forest in the area. The party bought some scrolls of Faerie Fire from her in order to battle invisible stalkers in the Sodden Hold.

I don’t know that the party will need Druidical magic items ever again, but the Bride is an interesting enough character that I gave her an entry anyway.

The Lonesome Bride

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