The Faceless One

Human Wizard




The Faceless One was the leader of the Angall-worshipping branch of the Triad of Sixes cell that once lurked beneath Rastingdrung. He wore green robes and a leather mask set with iron studs, leaving only his coal-black eyes visible. His hands were covered with mystical tattoos. In spite of his dramatic appearance, the party had little difficulty eliminating him, his apprentices, and his goblin followers. They also managed to avoid the doom he threatened would befall them if they slew him. After cutting his throat, the party discovered that, beneath the mask, his face was a blank, featureless slate save for a small, sharp nose and a toothless mouth. His skin was as white as an albino’s.

According to various internet postings, lots of parties have found the Faceless One a difficult opponent and other DMs have expressed a wish that he could escape to become a recurring villain. Neither is the case here. He was disappointing, so I have no regrets that he had to die.

The Faceless One

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