Tarquin Shortstone XXIV

Gnome Inkeeper


The owner of the Crooked House inn in the Midnight Muddle district of Tula, Tarquin Shortstone XXIV is ably assisted by his son, Tarquin Shortstone XXV (or “Twenty-Five” for short). The two of them take pride in their establishment and keep everything in working order, clean, and mostly safe. Tarquin XXIV and Eligos the Sage are close friends and frequently meet for a game of dragonchess. The party stayed at his inn in Tula on Eligos’ recommendation. During their stay, Tarquin was the victim of an assassination attempt by a doppelganger posing as Aldren. The party foiled this attempt and saved the innkeeper’s life. It turns out the attack on Tarquin was an attempt to discredit the party and get them arrested. A clue among the doppelganger’s possessions led the party to their next adventure, in an abandoned warehouse called the Sodden Hold.

Conveniently, Tarquin had enough ranks in knowledge: local to interpret the clue and point the party in the right direction. Also, the party now stays free at the Crooked House, which is better than a kick in the groin, I guess.

Tarquin Shortstone XXIV

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