Taros Brandirin

Lawful Neutral Orichalan Dragon Shaman


deceased.jpgPlayed by Matt


Taros is a member of the much-persecuted Orichalan strain of humans, a descendant of the hated and feared ancient Orichalan Dragon Lords. Born to a less than prosperous family in the village of Doratis on the Isle of Ethereal Bells east of the Orichalan Peninsula, Taros decided to give the life of a sailor a try. An unfortunate shipwreck on his very first voyage resulted in an encounter with the ancient dragon Thornbreck the Green. Thornbreck agreed to spare Taros’ miserable life on the condition that the young dragon shaman seek out and aquire for Thornbreck the artifacts of his former masters, the Orichalan Dragon Kings. The green dragon directed Taros to begin his search in Rastingdrung. On arriving there, however, Taros found the only evidence of any ancient civilization in the town was the Ziggurat inhabited by the Monks of the Way of Many Steps. Of course, the racist monks had no interest in allowing an Orichalan, of all people, into their facility. Frustrated, Taros is seeking other leads for the acquisition of the artifacts of his ancestors (although it seems he has little intention of turning anything he finds over to Thornbreck). Taros met his end at the hands of a group of fish-men in the lair of Zyrxog the Mind Flayer.

Matt earned himself two dork cards. One for using a random name and another for coming up with this detailed background, which Taros has shared with the entire party (so it’s pretty much in character knowledge).

Taros Brandirin

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