Shukak, the Lizard King

Lizardfolk Fighter




Shukak was the King of the Twisted Branch tribe of lizardmen, responsible for the attack on Shadow Castle Keep and the abduction of the witch Marzena. This returning-trident-wielding bad-ass was fond of shouting things like like “I am the Lizard King!” “Die, spelldwarf!” and “Die, elf, die!” He nearly killed the whole party, knocking three of four of our heroes unconscious at a time on more than one occasion! But, finally, in spite of frequent healing from his pet druid, the party wore him down and finished him off. The party would later learn that King Shukak was crazy and rabidly anti-human. Worse yet, he had made some kind of pact with the black dragon, Ilthane. With Shukak out of the picture, the party was able to negotiate a peace agreement with Hishka, the Twisted Branch tribe’s shaman and secure the release of the prisoners.

To quote Eric, “If Pat has a picture of him, you know he’s bad-ass.”

Shukak, the Lizard King

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