Random En-Fancorn

Chaotic Good High Elf Duskblade


retired.jpgPlayed by Steve


Random was born in Tula, the Great City of Mages. After a rather non-descript childhood, he spent a number of years in the employ of the Able Carter Coaching Company as a wagon train guard. This employment gave him the opportunity to travel widely throughout the Ghinor Highlands (and, for the time being, a semi-permanant residence in the company barracks in Rastingdrung). Lately, though, he’s become rather bored with the dusty trail and the smell of mules. Escorting loads of ore and wealthy passengers through the dangerous Wilderlands for meager pay just doesn’t seem a the best use of his talents. Random’s looking for something more adventurous and lucrative.

But it seems Random’s rethought that decision. Maybe that regular paycheck and free room and board isn’t so bad? After his first encounter with a necromancer, he set off on one last stint of caravan guarding and hasn’t been heard from since.

Steve let me randomly generate his name, but then changed his first name to Random, perhaps as some sort of commentary. I gave him a dork card anyway.

Random En-Fancorn

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