Ancient Orichalan Dragon Lord




Nadroc was one of the Wind Dukes, a particularly important group among the Dragon Lords of Ancient Oricha. According to the Chronicle of Chan, the Wind Dukes were responsible for halting and turning back an invasion (masterminded by Demogorgon) of the Ghinor Highlands by forces from the Demon Empires to the south. Nadroc’s role in the Battle of Night’s Dawning doesn’t seem to have been all that notable; his claim to fame came later, as a craftsman and architect. He was responsible (among other things) for the construction of the Whispering Cairn, the tomb of fallen comrade Zosiel. The party, therefore, observed his glyph all over the place during their exploration of that tomb. Therein, they also recovered the quarterstaff Nadroc’s Tribute, an artifact (and Weapon of Legacy) that Nadroc spent the last years of his life crafting in the image of the Rod of Sotur.

What exactly is the Rod of Sotur, you might ask? The party would later find a piece of it (one of seven) and trade it to Manzorian because of the bad attention it brought them.


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