Merchantmistress Mahuudril

Avolakia Sorcerer (disguised as Human Expert/Aristocrat)


avolakia.jpgTo the people of Lenap, Merchantmistress Mahuudril is an exotic and mysterious human woman in her late fifties with a thin face that has aged well. She wears her shocking red hair in braids woven around an elaborate headdress. Her clothes are rich and royal, and she wears too much jewelry. Her expression is mischievous and sneaky, a young grandmother who’s plotting the best way to sneak some candy to a grandchild. Using True Seeing at Satrap Khouligan’s banquet, Anmor discerned that she is, in truth, a monstrous, worm-like Avolakia. After she became suspicious because of Anmor’s somewhat amorous attentions, Mahuudril feigned illness and left the party, teleporting away as soon as she was out of sight.

Why was there a worm-monster at the party? Why not, of course! Will Anmor see his girlfriend again? Signs point to yes!

Merchantmistress Mahuudril

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