Master Penkawr

Ghinoran Wizard


Master Penkawr, well known in Rastingdrung as the “Smartest Man in Town,” once studied at the College of Wizardry in Tula. His reasons for leaving that institution to settle in the backwaster of Rastingdrung are unknown. Because of their common interest in history and scholarly matters, Anmor and Penkawr have become good friends. In fact, Penkawr was instrumental in getting Anmor access to the Aedificium of Archives in the Ziggurat of Many Steps so that the dwarf could continue his archival studies. Although Anmor has since turned his pursuits toward adventuring, Penkawr has continued to be quite helpful to the party. He has purchased interesting antiques from them, given them a discount on the identification of magic items, provided historical insights on their discoveries, and even obtained a copy of the Chronicle of Chan for them.

Penkawr later accompanied the party on a trip to Shadow Castle Keep to meet with the witch Marzena, a journey that led the party into a bit of a curfuffle with a tribe of lizardfolk. When the party’s adventures in and around Shadow Castle Keep raised more questions than they answered, Penkawr provided the party with a letter of introduction to a friend of his in Tula: the sage Eligos, a man who might be able to answer some of their questions.

After their trip to Tula, the party returned to Rastingdrung and ended up having to rescue Penkawr from a trap inside Icosiol’s tomb (which connected via magic gate to the Whispering Cairn).

Master Penkawr

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