Ghinoran Witch


Marzena is a witch who resides at Shadow Castle Keep on the edge of the Calenvicar Swamp and is a good friend and collegue of Master Penkawr. Being a good witch, she’s fallen out of favor with her coven (mostly bad witches) and now serves the garrison at the Keep as a sort of advisor on the kinds of trouble the swamp coven can be expected to stir up. The party decided to consult with her about a rumored infestation of shoggoth in the Swamp and travelled to Shadow Castle Keep, accompanied by Penkawr, to meet her. Arriving there, they found the Keep under siege by the lizardfolk of the Twisted Branch tribe and learned that Marzena, along with some garrison soldiers, had been captured and dragged away in the initial assault. After rescuing Marzena from the lizardfolk, she provided them with some information about shoggoths, along with some recipes for combatting the creatures. She also helped the party deal with some kobolds (a.k.a. Elmos) and a small infestation of shoggoths beneath Shadow Castle Keep.

Witches are cool.


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