Loris Raknian

Ghinoran Fighter


Loris Raknian is the director of Tula’s gladiator arena. He is also a war hero and a respected member of Tulan society, wealthy and with many connections. Evidence found in the lair of the mind flayer Zyrxog indicated that Raknian was behind the (mostly successful) plot to murder the party. It also suggested that he was dealing in Shoggoth Worms and in possession of a dangerous artifact called the Apostolic Scrolls. The party entered Tula’s annual Champion’s Games in an effort to get close to Raknian and find out what he was up to. The party figured out that it was probably Kendra pulling Loris’ strings in the plot to murder Anmor and his friends (and Filge). They also discovered and foiled Raknian’s plot to loose the Apostle of Yog during the Champions Games. But he disappeared before the final battle took place and is presumed to be at large.

Will we see Loris Raknian again? Only time will tell…

Loris Raknian

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