Khouligan's Banquet Guests

Various Races and Classes


With a few notable exceptions, who are important enough to have their own entries, this entry describes all of the guests at Satrap Khouligan’s anniversary celebration, which the party ultimately spoiled. Who knows if they’ll interact with these people ever again?

Hobgoblin Fighter
B’kruss was a tall, well groomed hobgoblin with a raven perched on one shoulder. In fact, he was a petty thug who’d do anything to achieve his goals. By challenging Kullen to a wrestling match during the banquet, B’kruss ended up offending the Satrap and getting himself poisoned.

hoff.jpgHoff Ropehammer
Dwarf Fighter
Hoff is an almost impossibly fat dwarf with a rosy red nose and piggy eyes dressed in browns and reds. Anmor found him hovering near the food, and made friends while Hoff ates and drank prodigiously. Foul-mannered and slightly insane, he let slip a few good dwarven profanities here and there.

malavenkilraven.jpgLord Malaven Kilraven
Human Aristocrat/Fighter
Lord Kilraven is an ironhaired, weather-beaten man with a hook instead of a right hand. He carries himself with pride and speaks with a strong, clear voice. Kilraven is the trusty captain of the West Border Watch, having served under three generations of leaders within Lenap. He seemed rather suspicious of the party during the banquet.

professormarat.jpgProfessor Montague Marat
Human Aristocrat
Professor Marat is a wide-faced human man is in his late fifties. He has rosy cheeks and a pair of wire spectacles, and is dressed in a clashing riot of flamboyant clothing and a strange pointed hat. His expression is one of vivacious energy and glee. A former “associate” of Zalamandra (hostess of the Emporium in Rastingdrung), he came to Lenap and found the place quite matched his temperament. When he heard of Ilthane’s attack on Rastingdrung, he sent a boat to invite his onetime employees to join him in Lenap. In fact, he knew of Satrap Khouligan’s curious fascination with freaks, and when his “friends” arrived he hired them away to the Satrap for a healthy profit. As a fellow survivor of Rastingdrung, Marat was friendly to Anmor and Kullen during the banquet.

miszenmitchwillow.jpgMiszen Mitchwillow
Halfling Sorcerer
Although slightly overweight and a little nervous looking, Miszen remains rather cute in appearance. She’s got light brown hair, wears an amulet made of snake scales and teeth, and dresses in a blue cloak and fine noble’s clothes in dark shades of orange and white. Miszen’s a quiet, observant woman who has an uncanny knack to melt into the crowd. A well-respected merchant in the region, rumors of her powerful spellcasting capabilities abound.

marissquemp.jpgLord Mariss Quemp
Half-orc Barbarian/Fighter
Mariss is a half-orc, although as half-orcs go, he’s actually rather handsome, with his orc heritage almost unnoticable. Well-groomed and always dressed in the finest clothing, his towering frame still seems as if it would be more at home in a battle than at a party. Mariss is a reformed barbarian. He retains the loud, infectious laugh of his youth and an equally loud voice, but he’s abandoned his rough and foul manner for the cultured way of the aristocrat. He’s quite popular with the other nobles, who can’t get enough of his violent stories and ribald jokes.

shagsolomon.jpgShag Solomon
Caveman Aristocrat
Shag Solomon is a true curiosity. Known as a cultured “wild man” from the northern pine forests, he is actually a mild-mannered fellow. Solomon’s brutish face and hirsute stature contrast with his gentleman’s garb and cultured demeanor. Normally calm and collected, Shag has found the move to Lenap doesn’t fit him. He had thought his old friend Montague had found him a legitimate place in Lenap’s society, but when he tried to hire him away to Khouligan, Shag refused. Khouligan, happy with his acquisition of more than a dozen other freaks, allowed the refusal to stand, and since then Shag’s spent his time at the Deluxury, sulking and drifting in an opium haze. In an attempt to rekindle his friendship, Professor Montague secured an invitation for Shag to the party, where Anmor recognized him from their Rastingdrung days.

Gnome Aristocrat
Toris is an extraordinarily longnosed gnome with a magnificent handlebar moustache. He’s the only noble from an outlying province in the lands ruled by Lenap who accepted Khouligan’s invitation. He seemed rather taken aback by some of the more decadent events during the banquet and the sight of his blanching face and gaping mouth was cause for much mirth among the other guests, Khouligan in particular. After talking to Ulm, Toris became exceedingly friendly and followed the other gnome everywhere, up until Ulm did his disappearing act.

Hobgoblin Sorcerer
A tall, lanky hobgoblin, V’juss wears long, flowing robes and a bit too much perfume for a male hobgoblin. V’juss was quiet and observant, and had little to say during the gala, acting mainly as B’kruss’ cohort. As a side note, V’juss was ultimately correct in his secret feeling that B’kruss might bite off more than he could chew.

vulrass.jpgCaptain Vulras
Human Ranger/Rogue
Vulras is a dark-skinned man with a small neat goatee. He dresses in flamboyant and very expensive robes. Vulras commands a band of rangers to the north who are coldly efficient and sometimes brutal in their work against the Reyhu orcs who plague the northern reaches of Lenap. In brief conversation with him, the party got the idea that Vulras doesn’t approve of Khouligan’s rule

Khouligan's Banquet Guests

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