Ilya Starmane

High Elf Aristocrat


Ilya is the incredibly foul-mouthed daughter of a wealthy elven family in Tula’s Garden District. She was abducted by the doppelgangers inhabiting the Sodden Hold and held prisoner for about a month. The doppelgangers toyed with her the whole time of her captivity, appearing to be rescuers and delighting in her anguish when they turned out to be otherwise. As a result, she had a very bad attitude when first encountered by the party. They rescued her anyway, on the condition that she also take care of one of her insane fellow prisoners. She let them keep her Periapt of Health as a reward, although she demanded they return her signet rings and expensive blue cloak.

The party sure seems to rescue a lot of elf chicks. I enjoyed Ilya’s foul mouth enough that I had her reappear.

Ilya would soon return the favor. At Anmor‘s request (and in return for 50% of the winnings), she got her family to sponsor the Reprisal Squad’s entry into the Champion’s Games, thus allowing the party to investigate Loris Raknian’s activities.

Ilya Starmane

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