Black Dragon




The party first heard of Ilthane (a.k.a. the “Great Black Queen”) when they learned that she had some kind of deal with the insane Lizard King, Shukak. It appeared that this deal was cover for a plot by the dragon to infect the Twisted Branch tribe’s eggs with shoggoth worms. Further investigation revealed little about Ilthane’s motivations and the party was only able to learn that her lair was “very far away.” It would be months before the party would encounter Ilthane again, when they were summoned back to Rastingdrung because she had attacked the town itself. She was apparently hunting for Anmor, his companions, Filge, and Master Penkawr. The party tracked her down outside the entrance to the Whispering Cairn, where she’d trapped Penkawr. Although she almost managed to kill Kullen, the party put an end to her.

A recurring villian who the party never really got to know before they slew her. Poor Ilthane.


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