Lizardfolk Druid


Hishka is the Shaman of the Twisted Branch lizardfolk tribe. After the party eliminated the insane King Shukak, Hishka took over the tribe’s leadership. Never 100 percent behind Shukak’s politics and unintersted in continuing the King’s rabidly anti-human crusade, Hiska made a deal with the party. Under this deal, the party rescued the tribe’s eggs from the servants of Shukak’s ally Ilthane, discovering and averting a plot to infect the eggs with shoggoth worms in the process. In return, Hishka released Marzena and the other captives abducted from Shadow Castle Keep and departed to lead the tribe to a new nesting ground, somewhere (hopefully) far from the influence of the black dragon Ilthane.

This campaign includes experience points awards for peaceful resolutions. Hishka is the second example of the party taking advantage of that. They are 2 for 2 so far…


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