Half-fiend Rogue/Assassin


Hemriss is a strange combination of the beautiful and the grotesque She’s a half-fiend human—her mother was an erinyes devil, and rumor holds that her father is Satrap Khouligan. She certainly shares Khouligan’s piercing blue eyes. Her beauty is marred by two unfortunate physical deformities. First, her face is misaligned; the right half of her face is about a half inch above the left, giving her nose an ugly twist and her mouth a perpetual upturned sneer. Second, her back is hunched with malformed wings; broken feathers protrude here and here from these mockeries, and she tries to cover them with a fine cloak but isn’t always successful. Her expression is one of bitter cruelty.

Although neither has ever publicly confirmed their family relationship, Hemriss is certainly high in Khouligan’s counsels, perhaps second only to Professora Laggan. Hemriss leads a traveling band of warrior-gypsies who wander Lenap enforcing the will of the Satrap. When the party encountered her at the anniversary banquet, Hemriss remained quiet and unassuming, and never far from the Satrap’s side.


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