Granuel the Pale

Lawful Good Human Fighter/Cleric/Hunter of the Dead


Played by Buddy


Granuel is a quiet sort, so he has shared little of his background with his new companions. He often seems distracted, as if listening to voices no one else can hear. The party does know that Granuel died horribly at the hands of some sort of undead and was brought back to life only because of the charity of a wandering priest of Osiris. As a result, of course, Granuel has devoted himself to the worship of this exotic deity. The experience also left his complexion with a somewhat ghastly pallor (explaining his title). As a priest of the God of Life and Death, Granuel was quite willing to help Anmor bring to a proper rest the latter’s recently deceased companions.

Buddy gave only a brief verbal overview of his background, but still got a dork card for letting me generate a random name for him.

Granuel the Pale

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