Grallak Kur (a.k.a. The Gnawing Evil)

Grimlock Cleric




Originally from beneath Nurenthane (to the south of Rastingdrung), Grallak Kur was a grimlock priest of Demogorgon who formed an alliance with Theldrick and the Faceless One, becoming the missing third part of the Triad of Sixes cell beneath Rastingdrung. Known to his followers and allies as “the Gnawing Evil,” Grallak had sewn the preserved eyes of a defeated enemy into his empty eyesockets, giving him the strange, wide-eyed look of a madman. His hair was cut short and dyed red and a demonic face was branded into his chest. His teeth were filed into fang-like points. He held as a prisoner the elf Tilodiel Namdraki, whose blood he used to scribe his hideous prophesies. His eyes, it turns out, originally belonged to Tilodiel’s mother. The party took care of Grallak Kur and his grimlock army during the Three Faces of Evil adventure and freed Tilodiel.

Grallak was a pretty sick, freaky dude. I don’t think anyone’s going to miss him.

Grallak Kur (a.k.a. The Gnawing Evil)

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