Half-Orc Cleric




Garras was a hulking brute of a half-orc whose large gut and bulging muscles would strain against his half-plate‚Äôs straps and buckles. He was one of the priests of Innana with whom the party did battle while they were eliminating the Triad of Sixes beneath Rastingdrung. Although the big fight in the Battle Temple of Innana was nearly fatal to the party, Garras didn’t contribute much and was one of the first of the enemies to fall. He probably wouldn’t be worthy of notice, except that the party later determined he was the plaything and bodyguard of Kendra, who’s since been responsible for all kinds of trouble.

Garras wasn’t so tough because the DM forgot about his buff spells. But, thinking he would be a memorable foe, I came up with a picture for him in advance. Therefore, he gets into the cast list.


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