Ghinoran Necromancer


Filge is a self-absorbed, slightly megalomaniacal necromancer from Tula. He came to Rastingdrung at the behest of his old mate, Balabar Smenk, who requested Filge’s assistance in defending against the Triad of Sixes. One of Smenk’s other employees, Kullen less than affectionately refers to Filge as “that goat-faced bastard.” An unfortunate series of conincidences led Filge to run afoul of the party before he was able to get his “army of lovely undead” up and running. In an interesting twist, despite their initial conflict, Filge ended up joining the party during their infiltration and destruction of the Triad cell beneath the Dourstone Mine. After the party’s victory, and with his sponsor Smenk dead, Filge left town, presumably to return to whence he came.

Filge was responsible for a variety of comic moments during the “Three Faces of Evil” adventure, but ultimately proved quite helpful. He didn’t even betray the party in the end (to their surprise). He was great fun to play, so you can be sure the party will be seeing him again.

The party, indeed, encountered Filge again in Tula, at the opening banquet for the Champion’s Games. He had entered a “team” (presumably of undead nasties) in the Games under the sponsorship of the Kosh-Tana family. Since Nal Kosh-Tana is the current “Elder of the Black Robe” (head of Tula’s school of necromancy) and a member of Tula’s ruling Council of Eight, this presumably means Filge has come up some in the world…

So, how did Filge become so important? And, how did he survive the doppelganger assassination squads? The party ended up not really caring. I don’t know if they’ll see Filge again…


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