Ghinoran Wizard/Sage


Eligos was a classmate of Master Penkawr’s at the Academy of Wizardry in Tula and now makes his living as a historian and sage. After the incident with the lizardfolk in the Calenvicar Swamp, Penkawr suggested that Eligos,as a noted expert in things interplanar and arcane, might be of assistance in answering some of the party’s outstanding questions. Penkawr provided a letter of introduction and the party went off for Tula to meet the sage. They found Eligos to be a middle-aged man, with hair dyed red to hide the encroaching gray. His eyes were sharp wells of deep gray accented by specks of red. Although rather stern of visage, he did not seem unfriendly. After explaining most of their previous adventures to Eilgos, he expressed his concern about the curious events the party had witnessed. Eligos agreed to do some research on the party’s behalf and report back within a week to seven days (a week being five days in the Wilderlands)…

At least one doppelganger has implicated Eligos in recent attacks on the party, so is the Sage really to be trusted? He looks kind of mean in his picture…

Eligos proved to be trustworthy and provided the party substantial information about the Age of Worms. However, after sucessfully stopping a worm-related plot in the Champions Games, the party returned to Eligos’ estate to find thing in disarray: the butler dead and enough blood in the sage’s study to conclude Eligos met the same fate, although the body was missing. The party assumed this was to prevent them from using Speak with Dead on him. In fact, it was because Baran-Sukh the Multitudinous had found the body before them and taken Eligos to Ut Prandur to have the sage returned to life. Therefore, the party would be reunited with Eligos one month later, when they all met with the Archmage Manzorian Soizor the Blue.


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