Balabar Smenk

Ghinoran Mine Mogul




The most ambitious and manipulative mine manager in Rastingdrung, Balabar Smenk was a corpulent elemental of corruption and bad taste. Before his (welcome to many) demise, he lorded his political clout over everyone in town save the governor-mayor and garrison commander, whom he privately mocked. Smenk wrestled four mines into his possession in the course of his decade in Rastingdrung, and had designs upon the rest. A disquieting schemer, he sought a monopoly on the town’s mining patents by forcing his enemies into bankruptcy and offering to buy their claims at the last minute for coppers on the gold piece. The party first made contact with him as a result of their encounter with his hired necromancer, Filge. For a fee, they agreed to assist the unpleasant Mr. Smenk in dealing with the Triad of Sixes, an evil cult that was blackmailing the “poor, defenseless” mine manager. The party dealt harshly and completely with the cultists, but returned to town to find that their sponsor was dead. In spite of the coven of sycophants and hired goons that surrounded him at all times, Balabar was found murdered in his own bed (but with a smile on his face) the morning after leaving Zalamandra’s Emporium with a stunningly beautiful, red-haired Amazon.

I’m pretty sure the party knows who’s responsible for Smenk’s death. Whether they really care or not is another matter. Smenk’s death turned into a boon for Anmor’s family, however.

Balabar Smenk

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