Aldren Ovelad

Neutral Good Wood Elf Scout


deceased.jpgPlayed by Ed


Aldren was born in the Bluewood near the Joyful Demon Hills in the western Ghinor Highlands, about 100 miles distant from Rastingdrung. After his immediate family and many other able-bodied clansmen were murdered by maurading goblins during a wildebeast hunt, the remainder of Aldren’s clan moved from their home forest to the small town of Faneton. Aldren, however, found himself a bit claustraphobic within the confines of city living and soon fell in with the Watchers of Ten Elms. After six years working with that group of primarily High Elf rangers, a change of leadership in that group meant Aldren had worn out his welcome. He’d always found High Elves too uppity and formal, anyway. He took a job escorting some halfling travellers to Rastingdrung, but now finds himself at loose ends in the miserable town, which he probably likes even less than Faneton or Ten Elms. Aldren met his end at the hands of a group of fish-men in the lair of Zyrxog the Mind Flayer.

Two dork cards for Ed, for using a random name and for the detailed background writeup on Aldren. Again, I don’t think he’s shared the background in game, so it might be spoilery.

Aldren Ovelad

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