Alastor Land

Ghinoran Farmboy Ghost




Alastor Land was a 13-year old farmboy who was born outside of Rastingdrung in 4390. His inquisitive nature got the best of him when he fell to his death while exploring the Whispering Cairn. For abandoning his family in a time of need (around the time of the Red Death Plague), he was cursed to haunt a section of the Cairn and mock those who met a similar fate. The party encountered him 43 years later and, after impressing him with their prowess by defeating a grick, he offered them a deal: lay his bones to rest in the family plot and he would assist them in entering the inner chambers of the Cairn. The party managed, after some plot twists, to fulfill Alastor’s request. Thus, the cursed boy finally was able to rest in peace, but not before making good on his part of the bargain.

Not among your more malevolent ghosts, Alastor is now happily un-undead. But wait… maybe there’s more to his story… it will be many, many sessions before the party finds out.

Indeed, only 32 sessions later, Alastor appeared again and gave a speech that really tied the campaign together.

Alastor Land

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